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1) Approximately how many states currently have theDeath Penalty?

a)       46
b)       36
c)       26
d)       16

2) Number in order the stages in a capital case from the list below:

a)       guilt phase
b)       penalty phase
c)       pre-trial
d)       post-conviction review
e)       direct appeal
f)       clemency
g)       execution
h)       federal habeas corpus

3) Women have, historically, not been subject to the death penalty at the same rate as men. In the United States women have constituted what percentage of executions?

a)      16%
b)      1%
c)      3%
d)      13%

4) Not believing in the "true God" was once grounds for receiving the death penalty in colonial America.

a)      True
b)      False
5) The existence of the brutalization effect (that the death penalty actually encourages criminal activity) was argued by Dr. Benjamin Rush -- signer of the Declaration of Independence. This opposes the death penalty argument of:

a)      Retribution
b)      Deterrence
c)      Arbitrariness
d)      Risk of executing the innocent

Short answer:

6) What are the current methods of execution used in the United States today?



7) If your state has the death penalty what methods are used?




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