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Strand I.


Standard 1.4 Judging Decisions from the Past

All students will evaluate key decisions made at critical turning points in history by assessing their implications and long term consequences.

Strand III.


Standard 3.1 Purposes of Government

All students will identify the purposes of national, state and local governments in the United States, describe how citizens organize government to accomplish their purposes and assess their effectiveness.

Standard 3.2 Ideals of American Democracy

All students will explain the meaning and origin of the ideas, including the core democratic values expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and other foundational documents of the United States.

Standard 3.3 Democracy in Action

All students will describe the political and legal processes created to make decisions, seek consensus, and resolve conflicts in society.

Strand V.


Standard 5.1 Information Processing

All students will acquire information from books, maps, newspapers, data sets, and other sources, organize and present the information in maps, graphs, charts, and time lines, interpret the meaning and significance of information, and use a variety of electronic technologies to assist in accessing and managing information.

Standard 5.2 Conducting Investigations

All students will conduct investigations by formulating a clear statement of a question, gathering and organizing information from a variety of sources, analyzing and interpreting information, formulating and testing hypotheses, reporting results both orally and in writing, and making use of appropriate technology.

Strand VI.


Standard 6.1 Identifying and Analyzing Issues

All students will state an issue clearly as a question of public policy, trace the origins of the issue, analyze various perspectives people bring to the issue, and evaluate possible ways to resolve the issue.

Standard 6.2 Group Discussion

All students will engage their peers in constructive conversation about matters of public concern by clarifying issues, considering opposing views, applying democratic values, anticipating consequences and working toward making decisions.

Strand VII.


Standard 7.1 Responsible Personal Conduct

All students will consider the effects of an individualās actions on other people, how one acts in accordance with the rule of law, and how one acts in a virtuous and ethically responsible way as a member of society.


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