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Group Facilitator _____________________


Group Member
Assigned Role
Task Completed

Group Grade Average: ________________

Grading Rubric:

(If anything but a 3.0 is given either a 4.0 or under a 3.0, the group leader is required to give an explanation for this on the comment section of this form.)

  • 4.0  Student cooperated fully, or respectfully/productively disagreed, with group and leader, performed assigned tasks, found necessary information as well as additional information and could explain it.
  • 3.0  Student cooperated fully with group leader, performed assigned tasks and found necessary information.
  • 2.0  Student required reminders to get to work, found only the necessary information, and completed the minimum assigned tasks.
  • 1.0  Student completed assigned tasks after extensive pressure or teacher involvement.
  • 0.0  Student was uncooperative and unproductive.




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