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Rubric for Group Facilitator

You are the leader of your group. Your primary responsibility is to ensure that all group members are involved, and that the various parts of the project are completed and on time. You will be graded on the following criteria:


Outstanding (4.0)
All evaluations done daily and thoughtfully
All components are completed ahead of time and are exceptional
Group members are all involved at your urging

Group conflict is managed productively, and different opinions are expressed and respected


Satisfactory (3.0)
Most evaluations done some are less thoughtful than others
Most components are completed on time
Some members are allowed to opt-out occasionally

Group conflict is minimized but some opinions are not heard or recognized


Unsatisfactory (2.0-0.0)
Most evaluations missing
Parts of project are missing and you make no effort to fix it
One or two people do all the work

Group is out of control, and you make little or no effort to bring it to order


Rubric for Group Presenter

You are the presenter for your group. You will be responsible for making your groupÔs case to the legislative hearing. You will be graded by the following criteria:


Outstanding (4.0)
Attention-getting introduction (creative)
Presentation is seamless with few stops to check notes
At least three arguments made
Persuasive conclusion

Answers all questions clearly and thoughtfully


Satisfactory (3.0)
Basic introduction of group case (simply stating the group proposition)
Some stumbling spots, checking notes
One or two arguments made
Basic summary conclusion

Has difficulty answering clearly, or answers none at all


Unsatisfactory (2.0-0.0)
Missing or late for presentation
Incoherent presentation
No clear supporting arguments
No clear conclusion

Does not answer questions


Rubric for Visual Product

You are to prepare a visual product to support your presenter(s) when they make their case to the legislative hearing. The following standards apply:


Outstanding (4.0)
Visually represents three or more arguments
Neat, attractive and creative

Uses color and pictures


Satisfactory (3.0)
Visually represents one or two arguments
Neat and attractive

Uses color effectively


Unsatisfactory (2.0-0.0)
Little or no visual representation of arguments
Messy, no effort evident

Little or no color or pictures used


Rubric for Written Statement of Position

Your group should prepare one document that explains and supports your position on this topic. If your group cannot come to consensus on one side or the other, you should prepare two separate papers - have one person from each side write a separate position paper. The following standards apply:

Outstanding (4.0)
More than one full page
Clearly stated and reasoned position
Three different arguments
Recognizes and refutes opposing argument
Paper is well written

No spelling or grammar errors


Satisfactory (3.0)
One full page
Clearly stated position
One or two arguments
Recognizes opposition
Paper meets min. standards

One or two mistakes


Unsatisfactory (2.0-0.0)
Less than one full page
Position is not clear
No support
No respectful treatment of opposition
Paper is incoherent
Many mistakes


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