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Please answer the following questions to help us improve the site:

  1. Have you already used Educational Curriculum on the Death Penalty in your classroom?
    Number of students
  2. Do you expect to use it this academic year?
  3. In what class or subject do you anticipate using the curriculum?
  4. How many students do you anticipate using the curriculum this school term?
  5. What grade level are those students?
    Middle School
    High School
  6. Will the students be accessing the curriculum via the Internet?

  7. Does the curriculum meet the educational goals for the class or lesson in which you are using it?

  8. What suggestions do you have for improving the curriculum? If you answered "No" to Question 7, please explain how we can better meet your goals.
  9. To receive a printable teacher's guide, please provide your name, email, and school.

  10. Would you like to receive email updates (no more than 3-4 per month) on significant death penalty news and events for classroom discussion?

Signup information is collected by the Death Penalty Information Center to determine rates of usage and to collect suggestions for ongoing site improvement. Your personal information will not be shared with third parties without your permission. General information (i.e., statistics regarding usage, numbers of schools, geographical data) may be made available to organizations and agencies interested in funding enhancements to the curriculum web site.



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